Since 1982, Narmada Valley Mech Tech Machinery has begun its manufacturing activities as small scale unit at domestic level. Promoter Shri Kamalkant Balar with his experience and has something more in the mind, to suit the requirements of users with more innovation and research, within next few years started manufacturing high speed and high quality domestic and agriculture pumps, Single phase Horizontal Submersible Monoset, V4-V6-V8 three phase Borewell Submersible pumps, Openwell Vertical Monoset Submersible pump,  Openwell Horizontal Monoset Submersible pump, Electric Motors, etc.  

Self priming water pump
High speed Monoblock pumps
Single phase Horizontal-
Submersible Monoset
Borewell Submersible pumps
Openwell Vertical Monoset -
Submersible pump
Openwell Horizontal Monoset
Submersible pump
Induction Motors
Sewage Pumps
Garden Pumps
Pressure Booster Pumps
Utility Pumps
Mud Pumps
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